High Performance Intercloud - Hokkaido University Information Initiative Center



Please note that the service of following resources will be discontinued or become conditional service.

– Grand Chariot (Subsystem A)
According to large number of applicants, the acceptance of shared node course of this year is finished.

– Virtual server
Since the rest resource is limited, research use applications will be given priority for acceptance. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request in some cases.

– Physical server, GPU server
Since there is no rest resource right now, we cannot provide these two services for new application.

In addition, for those who are looking for a server for homepage use on campus, please consult with [ICT Planning division, ICT Support] about the WEB hosting service which they provide.
Please contact with [ICT Planning division, ICT Assistant] (jsys[a]oicte.hokudai.ac.jp) for more details about WEB hosting service.

The operation time (token) in shared nodes cannot be carried over to the next fiscal year. Also, especially with regard to Grand Chariot, the system is very busy from January to March, so jobs may not run promptly and it may not be possible to use up the operation time by the end of the fiscal year. Please consider the above before using and applying for the operation time. If you are using shared nodes, we recommend that you use the operation time earlier.

Continued use of the large-scale computer system requires application for a user number, super computer system usage, and cloud system usage. If you do not apply by the deadline, you will not be able to use services of the Center starting April 1.

[Online or form application]
February 12, 2020 (Wednesday) 5pm to March 26 (Thursday) 5pm

The dead line has been extended.
New deadline : April 1, 2020 (Wednesday) 1pm to April 17 (Friday)  5pm  (Added March 31, 2020)
If you couldn’t apply by the end of March, please don’t forget to apply in the above period.

For more details, please refer to this page

As requested by users, a new resource group ‘xa’ has been set up on Grand Chariot (system A) and will be served until the end of FY2019.
The maximum number of nodes in this group is 400, and the maximum elapsed time is 180 hours.

Since this resource group utilizes a large number of nodes, please note that it has such a higher risk that the job will not be completed by unexpected troubles such as hardware failures than other resource groups.
Therefore, we might not rewind tokens in this group when jobs are incomplete or cancelled, even if the causes are attributed to our center.

Each user should use the resource group xa after fully understanding this matter.

JPCERT Coordination Center (JPCERT / CC) is calling for attention that multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Apache HTTP Web Server 2.4.

Please consider updating as soon as possible if you are using an Apache HTTP Web Server on a cloud server.

These vulnerabilities may cause:
・ Falsification
・ Redirect to malicious web pages
・ Information leak
・ Damper of service operation (DoS) attack

Please check the following page for details.

Affected versions:
* Apache HTTP Web Server version prior to 2.4.41

Note that you can check the version you are currently using with commands such as:
‘httpd -v’ or ‘apachectl -v’

* Depending on the OS, these commands may show the old version number, so please update the OS to the latest state using a command such as ‘yum update’ or ‘apt-get update / apt-get upgrade’.
* Please update the OS carefully because there is a possibility that the system may malfunction.

We are having a seminar “Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning/Evolutionary Computation and HPC” on Thursday, July 18th, 2019.

For more details, please refer to this page(only in Japanese).

We have just released the English version website for the Interdisciplinary Large-scale Computer System (a.k.a. Hokkaido University High Performance Intercloud).