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Access to the supercomputer system

You can login with the user id notified after your application. The supercomputer system can be accessed via ssh/scp with SSH key authentication (ver. 2) only.


For some users, another id, namely iiC-ID, and related password are also notified. They are required when login the user management portal page.


Only the person who applied can use his/her user id. Each user needs a individual application.

Registration of your SSH public key

Please register your SSH public key via user management portal.


  • All users are prohibited from using any private key without passphrase.


  • When you register your public key via user management portal, old keys are overwritten with the new key. If you need to add a new key, please do it by directly edit the authorized_keys file.
  • A public key needs to be in the OpenSSH format.
  • You can generate a public key on the user management portal page and register it.
  • In the case of using putty with a private key downloaded from the user management portal page, you need to convert the private key from the OpenSSH format to the putty format.

Host name

  • Grand Chariot(Subsystem A):
  • Polaire(Subsystem B):


Registered keys are shared by both subsystems (and the application server).