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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage (Nextcloud)

The cloud storage uses Nextcloud to provide the WebDAV storage functions. The basic service offers up to 100GB for general users and 10GB for students. For an additional fee, you can increase storage space in increments of 1TB.

Cloud Storage

This cloud storage is accessible through the official Nextcloud client software or the Web interface. The official client software can be used on a Windows PC, MAC, smartphone, or tablet, and automatically synchronizes data between the system and the device. The Web interface allows file upload and download in any environment. Some files and folders can even be shared.

Through this service, data stored in the storage unit in the Information Initiative Center are automatically backed up remotely to the magnetic tape backup device in Kitami Institute of Technology.

The Information Initiative Center will participate in the operation verification and full-scale service of GakuNin RDM, a research data management platform developed by the National Institute of Informatics (NII). It will be provided as a pilot service in the 2019 academic year and a full-scale service in 2020. In the future, this cloud storage will be available for anyone, regardless of whether they belong to our university or not, as extra storage for GakuNin RDM.

Cloud storage: https://melon.hucc.hokudai.ac.jp/