List of Papers Published in English

  1. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``Channel Theoretic Reflections on Dynamic Logics of Speech Acts,'' in S.C.-M. Yang et al. (eds), Structural Analysis of Non-Classical Logics, Logic in Asia: Studia Logica Library, Springer-Verlag, Berlin / Heidelberg, 2015. pp. 201 - 221, 2015 (October).
  2. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``The Epistemic Closure Principle and the Assessment Sensitivity of Knowledge Attributions,'' in Manuel Rebuschi, Martine Batt, Gerhard Heinzmann, Franck Lihoreau, Michel Musiol, and Alain Trogonon, eds., Interdiciplinary Works in Logic, Epistemology, Psychology and Linguistics: Dialogue, Rationality, and Formalism, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, pp.181-199, 2014 (May).
  3. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``On the very idea of imperative inference,'' in Anna Brozek, Jacek Jadacki, and Berislav Zarnic, eds., Theory of Imperatives from Different Points of View (2), Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper, pp.33-46, 2013.
  4. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``Acts of Requesting in Dynamic Logic of Knowledge and Obligation,''(Published Version) in European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp.183-200, Department of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, 2011.
  5. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``Dynamic Logic of Propositional Commitments,''(a version compiled by the author) in Majda Trobok, Nenad Miscvic, and Berislav Zarnic, eds., Between Logic and Reality: Modeling Inference, Action, and Understanding, Dordrecht / Heidelberg / London / New York: Springer-Verlag, pp.183-200, 2012.
  6. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``Logical Dynamics of Some Speech Acts that Affect Obligations and Preferences,'' in Synthese, vol. 165, no. 2, pp.295-315, 2008. The published text contains one minor mistake. Please refer to `` Correction''. (An earlier and shorter version of this paper appears in Johan van Benthem, Shier Ju, and Frank Veltman, (eds.), A Meeting of Minds: Proceedings of the Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Interaction, Beijing, 2007, Texts in Computer Science, Vol. 8, College Publications, pp.275-289, 2007.)
  7. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``Acts of Promising in Dynamified Deontic Logic.''(a version compiled by the author) In: Ken Sato, Akihiro Inokuchi, Katashi Nagao, Takahiro Kawamura (Eds.) New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence JSAI 2007 Conference and Workshops, Miyazaki, Japan, June 18-22, 2007, Revised Selected Papers, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Band 4914, Springer Verlag, pp.95-108, 2008. This paper is also published online by Springer. See HERE.
  8. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``Logical Dynamics of Commands and Obligations.''(a version compiled by the author) In: TakashiWashio, Ken Sato, Hideaki Takeda, Akihiro Inokuchi (Eds.) New Frontiers inArtificial Intelligence, JSAI 2006 Conference and Workshops, Tokyo, Japan, June 2006, Revised Selected Papers, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Band 4384, Springer Verlag, pp.133-146, 2007. This paper is also published online by Springer. See HERE.
  9. Tomoyuki Yamada ``Acts of Commanding and Changing Obligations.''(a version compiled by the author) In: Inoue, K., Satoh, K., Toni, F. (eds.), Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems, 7th International Workshop, CLIMA VII, Hakodate, Japan, May 2006, Revised Selected and Invited Papers, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Band 4371, Springer Verlag, pp.1-19, 2007 This paper is also published online by Springer. See HERE.
  10. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``Completeness of the Logic of Eliminative Commands'' In: Tanaka, H. (ed.), Language Understanding and Action Control, Annual Project Report, Grant-in-Aid for Creative Basic Research (13NP0301) Tokyo Institute of Technology, pp.9-20, 2006. (The ``proof'' in this paper includes a hole and a few unclearly stated passages. I will upload a revised version as soon as possible. A nearly final draft of it can be seen here.)
  11. Tomoyuki Yamada & Yasushi Nomura, ``Some Channel Theoretic Considerations on Situations and Information.''(PDF) In: H. Tanaka, S. Furui, M. Nakajima, Y. Shirai, and S. Tutiya, (eds.), First International Workshop on Language Understanding and Agents for Real World Interaction: Proceedings of the Workshop, 13 July 2003, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, pp.48-54, 2003, Julyj
  12. Tomoyuki Yamada, ``An Ascription-Based Theory of Illocutionary Acts.'' In: D. Vanderveken & S. Kubo (eds.), Essays in Speech Act Theory, Pragmatics & Beyond, New Series, 77, pp.151-174 (Chapter 8), and pp.290-292 (Notes to Chapter 8), John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2002. Published version of this paper contains some typos including a few fatal ones. See the corrigenda to it.

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